Words Hurt!


Words Hurt!


Do you know must of the time people will remember a fall of a person than the good of them. Listen to how they describe a person; it’s the most shame or embarrassing moment of a person’s life. The Word of GOD says, the Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8), however, sadly to say this is mostly remembered when the embarrassment and shame light is us rather than others. We seeing that we need to should have been covered, but don’t you thank that the grace that we desire to be on our behalf should be shown on others?  Are we not a family that prays for one another? Is it that hard to cover and protect them fall ones from our hurtful words, thoughts, and judgments? The Word GOD says, Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one. Colossians 4:6 (KJV)  Although what is said maybe true, it’s up to those who are in love with CHRIST and have experience HIS awesome love look to HIM for the rightly season words to speak in the life of the person has fallen so by GOD’s Spirit they may be restored….

Be Encourage today and use what you have to help a fallen brother or sister.  Keep them in remembrance that GOD is LOVE!

GOD Bless

Marian Louise ©2014

Silver is Good


Silver is Good


Going into my Silver years, I am seeing a lot of things in a new perspective.  I think it takes a life time for us to really understand “LOVE” and the characters of it.  I do understand this point, GOD is LOVE! Love has many characteristics and to understand all of them at the same time may lead to some confusion to many people and GOD is not the author of confusion; and for now, I would like to express some thoughts that across my mind as I was sitting, although some may not have anything to do with love, but in small ways it has everything to but with love.

Number one, some would say they had a problem with rejection, yet they reject others.

Number two, some would say they are at peace, yet they have chaotic thoughts about another.

Number three, some confess that their faith is strong, but in their quiet moments many tears are being shed.

Number four, some may claim they desire truth but when it’s spoken they are not strong enough to handle the truth even if it set them free.

Number five, some claim they are content in the place they are in, but in silence they are searching for a higher place or a broader place to dwell.

Number six, some declare they will be all right, but the truth is they are seeking for answers of the questions that seem to have no answer.

Number seven, many have dreams and wish to see them all come to past, but are now struggling to make it through from day to day.

Number eight, there is so much to be thankful for, but many hearts are wondering if GOD’s will be done in their lives.

Number nine, so many singles desire their GOD ordain mate to walk into their lives, yet there are some married that can’t seem to learn to keep their union together.

Number ten, some claim to trust other, yet the suspicious of some thing that is not familiar sit in their minds

There is a time for all things; there is a time to laugh a time to cry, a time to think and a time to move.  There is a time to be free and a time to joint together. There is a time to be open for love and open to love. There is a time to end and a time to begin again.

Most of all, its always time to be who GOD created us to be even we don’t fully understand where we are. We all have someone we can rely on, HE live in us and desires to teach us when to do what to do in the season to do it in.

Marian Louise ©2014

Our Words



Our Words

There are times we give air to words that do not need to breathe….

Our words should be season with love and kindness…

Our words should be filled with hope and encouragement….

If someone is speaking failure, defeat and doom, it’s because they have not come into the understanding that perfect love drives out feat and GOD is Love!

So when you are living in the shadows of the Most High GOD, your words should be speaking peace, love, joy, hope and positive thoughts.

Our words describe where we live.

So if our words are filled with negative thoughts we are living in darkness.

But if our word are filled with positive thoughts, we are living in the light..

That’s the light of GOD’s Glory!!!

@MarianLouise 2014





Good Morning My Love!

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God Bless and have a safe and wonderful weekend..


Even When You Seem So Far Away


Even When You Seem So Far Away

FATHER, You seem so far away!
But this time, I see myself floating on a cloud…
It’s as though I am calm and secure in the clouds that I am resting on.
My spirit is resting in Your truth,
My faith is anchored in Your promises,
You have sealed my confidence with Your Presence of love, grace and mercy.
You have offered me a path that never ends.
You have shown me Your faithfulness by proving all of my needs and then some more added.
Your ways of protecting, blessings and shelter are countless.
How can anyone keep up with YOU?
The moment I think of something great You have done,
Here come other thoughts behind the first.
Your righteous path is stable and sure.
Your commitment to love me is remarkable.
You loved and took care of me when my life was in darkness.
You did not change your way of caring for me as I move into Your light.
I am sure, 100% sure Your righteous ways is the way for me.
You never left me even though I have left You so many times in the past.
You guide my steps right back to You, I am so thankful of that!
Now when You seem to be so far away,
The clouds You provided for me to rest upon is secure and my cares are in Your hand.

©2014 Marian Louise




There is something that’s called “Time.”
We often say we don’t have time for this or that,
Where did the time go, or how time flies!
But what we fail to remember is time belongs to GOD.
We must be sure it is GOD we are waiting on and not time.
Time does not stand still nor does it belong to us.
Our hearts should be in the timing of our FATHER so that Time does not pass away.
Our every moment should be filled with the movement of GOD.
HIS desire to be on the earth through us is growing greater,
There are so many who needs to see HIM in a great way.
Let’s be a part of GOD’S time so that the earth can be filled with HIS Glory!!!
It’s Time To See GOD’s Glory Upon The Earth!!!

Marian Louise ©2014

One More hour, One More Mile


One More hour, One More Mile,

This I was instructed, it will take a while.
Maybe I’ll find some work to do,
This waiting can be trouble if I let it do.

My heart is beating and I am still Alive!
Why this wait does gives me such a Revive!

Expectancy is what I need,
Because how can I sow without a seed.

All this mush about living and to die,
I rather live for my KING and shout I’m Alive, I’m Alive!

One More hour, One More Mile,
I think I’ll take this time to sit a while.

Rest in HIS goodness, rest in HIS Grace,
Rest in the Arms of the One who is never Amazed.

I’ll sit and sing praises to HIM for a while,
I’ll make HIS worship be true in this last mile.

What are praises when all is truly well?
Should not our trials make our hearts swell?

Swell with gratitude to the One who is worthy, faithful for justice is won,
To the ONE whose promises are never undone.

One More Mile, One More Hour,
I think I’ll rest on HIM who has All the Power…

©2014 Marian Louise
©2014 thp-publications/ The Healing Press 2014