It’s funny how some things try to turn a joyful day sour,

It tries to bring pain and dullness beyond my power.

I’ll say,“ the best way to forget is that I don’t remember.”

But how can I forget when it’s still there to be pampered.

All these mistakes anyone can make them.

Well why are mine feeling so big?

Why do I feel like finding a hole and starting to dig?

I’m coming out of this I’ve got to see it,

Those mistakes I’ve made are to be turn away where others won’t repeat it.

Why should my joy be taken away from me?

The mistakes I made God saw me through,

He truly did it for me and He will do it for you.

God loved me throughout the mess I made,

Now through His son Christ Jesus I am saved.

I’m blessed and grateful to have this opportunity,

To lead others into the life of eternity,

My pass is something that is old,

But the love of God never turns cold.

Being healed from my past is now a success,

I can look at the devil in his face and say’

“I’ve now past the test.”

Everyday that goes by I am stronger,

Because of the heavy chains I carry no longer.


From Book “Inspiring Thought From God”