In The Beginning Was LOVE


In the beginning there was love, a love that was freed to produce more love.
Love produce provision and protection, it produced everything needed to live a good life.
Love keeps creating until we reach eternal to be with our Father who is love.
Love shows no restraints, yet it is meant to carry us through every storm that comes our way.
Love has no limits, yet it clings to everyone who welcomes its true nature.
Love heals one, and bleeds to another who is curious of its true feeling.
Love is simple, yet is hard to those who have not experience the truth of its affections.
Love is not forced upon yet it is desired by many.
Love is everlasting, and it never fails.
Love is truth and supports hope!
Love is sure and never harming anyone.
Love gives and never self focus!
Love spreads abroad, yet it stands still until its complete.
Love lives through many, yet love died for all.
Love is patience, and is stubborn as a stain.
Love sets us free, yet held in Arms of protection.
Love is not covered up, but it will lights up the darkness atmosphere.
Love does not loses its flavor, but it increases as its learned of.
Love is courageous, and love is kind.
Love stands tall, yet it lives in the small.
Love was shown to all mankind from a cross, but not received by those who do not believe.
Love is All good things, yet it is missed by those who are not taught of its characters.
Love is GOD, GOD is LOVE!!!!

Marian Louise©2014

©The Healing Press-THP- publications



I Am the LORD Who Heals You

and said, “If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandment and statues, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the LORD who heals you.”

The world is full of empty promises on how to be healed, but true healing comes from GOD.  He is the same GOD who delivered the children of Israel out of bandage and now HE has revealed Himself their Healer..  This scripture is a promise to all who believe, and follow the instructions given at the beginning of this verse. The first instruction is to diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God, meaning with closely pay attention to the voice of the LORD. Secondly, do what is right in HIS sight, in other words, living in righteousness  or living by HIS word. Third, give an ear to HIS commandments and statues, meaning, listen to HIS order and likeness, learn who He (GOD) is.

We can look at these instructions we can use them as boundaries for good health, as we grow in knowing the voice of God, we adopt HIS Spirit by listening as we listen we begin obeying HIS voice. As GOD Spirit dwells in us the more we learn HIS right way of living free from sin and HIS character.  HIS way of living keeps us from the diseases that are not intended for HIS children. GOD’s grace is so awesome and HIS love is unmeasured, HE knows there are times these instructions are not fully kept; yet HIS love steps in and show us grace and mercy when our hearts are willing to repent and obey HIS word.

As we walk and live by GOD’S commandments and statues HIS glory is seen open over  HIS children, HIS is so noticeable until the world knows them to live difference. The world see youth on those who should be ageing in their eyes. The world see peace on them when the world are in search for the peace. The world see prosperity when the world is experiencing financial difficulties. All these mention are not through any worldly operations, group therapy or plans, they are results of obedience to the word of GOD, yes following the instructions given in this verse. When we hold these instructions closely to our heart, the God’s promises begins to manifest richly in us, on us, over us and through us.

GOD is our healer, and He wants us to experience living a life of healing.

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