Be Still My Heart


Be Still My Heart…..
Know the GOD you placed your life into is here to see you through.

Let the waters that flows from HIS Thorne wash away your anxious thoughts,
Allow HIS Presence consume you until HIS stillness is here.

Be Still My Heart…..
There is nothing that’s doomed,
But your LORD’S plan for you are in its manifestation.

Although fires maybe set all around you,
Its flames will not touch you.

And when the knocks of chaos rumble on your door,
Peace will stand guard to protect you.

Be Still My Heart……
Your LORD is here to defend, protect and provide for you.

There is nothing lost in this hour,
And HIS prosperity is ready to fall like showers.

Heart encourage thyself with HIS promises that can not be doomed,
For when the earth, world and body are doomed HIS Word for sure will not be consumed.

  Be Still My Heart…….

©2014 Marian Louise
©thp-publications/ The Healing Press 2014


Two Ways In One Man




Two Ways In One Man


There is a way that seems right unto a man but in the end it leads to death.

The heart of a man can hold good and evil,

What comes out of him can cause life or death.

A man can think he is good or his is bad,

His actions can lift him up or destroy him.

How much longer will a man find his own way,

How much further will he whither away?

There is a beast that lies inside of a man from birth,

But there is also a spirit that lie in deep a man that will lead him to truth.

Pulling into his own way leads a man to his own death,

Yet being lead by the Image he was created in leads him to life.

Being hopeless in love with self surely leads to death,

Obtaining love from the FATHER bring hope and life.

The man you see can be good or evil,

What inside of him can be too?

But what a man believes in is more important,

It can give life or it can give death.

A man of grey has not much to lean on,

But a man with life has a GOD he can rely on.


©2014 Marian Louise

©thp-publication/ the healing press 2014

Don’t Put Flies in My Soup




Don’t Put Flies in My Soup


The best ingredients combine so thoughtfully,

The right amount of herbs, seasoning and just enough vegetables picked from my FATHER’s garden.

This soup is base with no ordinary water, but the finest water fresh out of the mountains, the high mountains that is.

All ingredients slowly cooked in a special pot made especially for this kind of meal.

I know this soul is divine!

It came straight from my FATHER’s heart into mine.

If you don’t see that its taste pleases you,

Don’t put flies in my soul.

Those flies of negativity, doubt and fear is not welcome in this recipe or at my table for that matter.

This soup is made for believers,

Not intruders.

This soup is made for those who trust in their GOD,

Not for those who fail to see GOD even exist.

This soup is for those who depend on the strength of their FATHER,

Not those who envy the trust place in the hands of a GOD who can do all things.

This soup is made to last until another pot is done,

Not to run out and starve.

This soup has substance that will full the belly with laughter

And make the heart merry,

Not cause chaos and confusion.

So again don’t put flies in my soup!

If you don’t like my soup just leave the room,

The heavenly aroma of this soup will fill this room….

The table is set,

This soup is the best on the Menu!

Come eat, gain strength, and ask for more!

It’s made for all of those who would come and enjoy!


©2014 Marian Louise

©THP-Publication/ The Healing Press 2014

Love Will Find Its Way


Love Will Find Its Way

Love sticks closer than a brother,
Love laid down its life so life be more abundantly.
Love will find away in dark allies, and abandon houses,
Love will find its way to a cold heart and harmful beating hand.
Love finds its way to a confused mother and a struggling father.
Love finds its way to a motherless child and heartless stranger.
Love will find its way to marriage that went sour and to couples who can’t seemed to make ends meet.
Love finds its way to a falling dreamer and to a dying vision.
Love finds its way to a failing job and to a hopeless life.
Love finds its way to a heart that will not forgive and to a mind that will not receive.
Love covers any error and upholds all good.
Love finds a way of turning a bad beginning into a glorious end.

   Marian Louise ©2014
©The Healing Press THP-publications

Raise Your Standard, Love Is the Answer

Cross 2 (2)

Love being displayed will drive out hate,

Love will drive out prejudice.

Love will drive out harm to others and bring peace,

Love will act in forgiveness.

Love will bring truth,

Love will calm all fears.

Love will act on grace,

Because love, is grace undeserved.

Love will siege all fear

And humble the heart.

Love will draw you to the Cross,

The Cross where love was public displayed.

Love will knock down deception,

Love will shine the light of what is real.

Love has no measures of width,

Nor does love have its limits to depths.

Love was in the beginning of life,

And love will take you into eternity.

Love proves what is good.

Love keeps no record of faults,

Love is a life worth living.

Love is the SON,

Love is the FATHER,

And GOD is LOVE!!!


©Marian Louise 2014 THP-Publications ©The Healing Press 2014

Open Your Heart


Though pain and discouragement seems so overwhelming open your heart for understanding.

When trials seem to capture all of your attention, open your heart for new places.

When chaos are far and near, open your heart for peace to come in.

When you feel pushed in a corner with no fight left in you, open your heart for courage to take place.

When you seem burden down and can’t breathe open your heart to freedom.

When hate and anger fills the atmosphere, open your heart for love to come in.

Open your heart, let love find its way there. Keep your open and love will drive all darkness away.

When your heart is open love can breathe in deep all passion that is pure and runs forever deep.


Marian Louise ©2014 ©The Healing Press – THP-publications