Cross 2 (2)

It’s amazing how we live life to learn, yet there are times when the lesson to life doesn’t kick in until years later.  You know you didn’t go through a test or trial for nothing yet somehow the lesson is not clear until days, month even years later. Well, I started a journey which was very hard for me to see the message in lesson.  I knew it was something important however I was in a state of calamity, I felt as though my life was drench with so much pain until I thought pain was the way for me to live.  Sounds crazy huh, but it’s not. If you grew up in painful surrounding and was not taught that you can have a painless life as you are growing up you will marry pain, you will accept pain and you will think pain is all that your life is suppose to endure.  You will even sabotage your happiness thinking life is supposed to be painful.

Don’t get me wrong we all will experience pain, but to settle for pain would not be good for your heart, mind nor spirit.  Some of the most painful experiences come from friends, family members and people we look up to; however we have a choice to stay in pain or be free of the pain.  There will always be someone in our lives that will make us feel bad about who we are and who we belong to, they will speak harsh words and make you feel guilty of anything that comes to there mind concerning you, they are called the accuser of our brethren (Rev.12:10).

The time has come for us to rise above the pain and stop sabotaging our lives but live the life GOD has design for us to live.  It’s time to politely say to those who have caused you pain, “I am GOD’s creation, if you have a problem with who I am and who I have become, talk to my FATHER who loves me no matter what you say and how you feel about me. I am no longer sabotaging any happiness that my FATHER has and is sending my way.”

I am learning people blame you for things that you are going through when there are the one to blame for their own situations. Mothers, Fathers lift your head up high, what your children do is not always your fault.  If you have done your best then you have done what was required of you. Sisters and Brothers, you can’t carry the burden of a sibling that don’t want to give up the burden themselves, live your life according to the Will of GOD. Children, honor your parents, love them, and keep in mind you were created to bring GOD glory. Friends loves unconditional, allow GOD to show how to love a friend and be an example to those who are place in your path. There will be times when you are misunderstood, remember, we all are unique and treasure by our Heavenly FATHER.

One more reminder:  John 8:36 “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.


Be Bless