​Some of you may say that there is no such thing as a saved person living in depression, well you’re right; but there are so many that are living in depression and not know that it is depression. This is another sign of poverty people are not aware of it, so I am glad to share my testimony about depression so that others can be set free!

 I have asked the Lord to remove every stench of  poverty from my life.  Since that prayer, where poverty is, has been exposed, even reasons of why His true prosperity has held up. Depression is one that has held me back from the prosperity that my Abba, Father wants me to experience.  I share this to expose the lie that you thought you had to live, and prayerfully you will see that Jesus truly can that you have life more abundantly. 

For years, I found myself struggling with depression. It was so bad until I was prescribed medication for being depressed and I was on it for years. Depression started when I was very young, but was not recognized until my adult years. Yes, Prozac was a very good friend of mine, I’m sad to say. So many years I spent in the state of depression not understanding what or why.

After doing a personal research I discovered  some of the depression stems from generations, other signs was either not recognized or/and denied. Many families don’t notice depression or don’t want to admit that depression could be a results to certain behavior patterns in family members or themselves.   I, myself, could not pin point what brought the on the seasons of depression that kept rolling in every year, this happens to a lot of people but its not recognize right away, its not until they notice certain patterns of behavior reoccurring. 

Depression comes in as a seed through child bearing, child birth and childhood years, the time of innocent.  Negative things spoken over a child  in these various stages of life grows as a child grows, at some point the seed has to develop it’s character. Now the feeling and actions of that seed is in operation and many times without a reason. Many people can’t understand why they feel lonely, grieved, or rejected, full of doom and failure!  For me, it was frustrating to be feeling okay then all of a sudden, it was like a dark cloud were just sitting over me, and everything that I wanted to accomplish became so far out of my reach and all seemed as though I was experiencing failure and all hope was lost. All this came from seeds planted in me by human beings that did not understand the importance of my life in God and those seed had taken its own course in my life.   

I experienced so much depression in life so when I was injured and had physical back issues, depression went up a notch. When the pain came, depression came as well.  I didn’t know when the back pain would end and sometimes, it was months before I had a good day. With all those years mixed of past hurts, harmful words spoken, back pain and seasonal depression which mostly shown up  for the months of September to January, it was hard to break; and I truly could not break it by myself. About two and half years ago, is when I decided to trust God and no longer take depression medication.  I was so tired of taking substance that was not sustaining any area of my life. Between the depression and anxiety medication I can honestly say both gave me false dreams and visions; yes, it was all a lie!

I begin to ask the Lord to help me crawl out of the bottle of depression pills and that I wanted to experience the joy that I’ve heard so many people lived and talked about. I knew the day that I stated the fast would be a journey of transformation and I had to learn His way through reading and meditating on His Word.  Learning to step over each pills in that bottle took me diving in to what my Father IS saying about me and not what WAS spoken over me through someone who didn’t understand why I had to be different from others.   

Now that I am free depression, the residue of it always knocks on the door of my soul, but now I use the depression as a weapon to step over obstacles, not live in depression. So I don’t have to eat food to feed it, I now have other ways of pulling down it’s stronghold; one, reading and listening to the word of God; two, writing or other worship methods that My Heavenly Father has given me use against it.

As my relationship with my Father grows, I now understand that the depression is not a threat to me, but its a threat to my future. The Lord plans for my future is in His hands;  I can stop the course when I allow the depression to control my actions concerning my future, so I must be aware of my surrounding at all times. You see, there will always be situations or circumstances that will try to bring the spirit of depression back in our lives, that is the time to lean in the Word of God that our joy be filled and strengthen, because the JOY of the LORD is our STRENGTH!  And it is in HIs Word that we find how our Father really feels about us.

Knowing what Abba, Father is saying about me, I can decree and declare that when the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord has lifted up a standard against any and everything that was said against me and my future and it shall not grow anymore, that seed is dried up and my Abba, Father blew it all out of my mind and my heart. I’m standing on the scripture in Matthew 15:13 that says, Jesus replied, every plant not planted by my heavenly father will be uprooted! So whatever has been spoken over me at birth or childhood even adulthood  that was not planted by my Abba, Father has no effect because it is now uprooted! I call the same in your life now, in Jesus’ Name.   So every character of every childhood nicknames that was not good is now uprooted, every feeling of loneliness, rejection, suicidal, unworthy act and characteristics is now uprooted and renounced from our lives, in Jesus’ Name!  

We are accepted by Abba, Father, our Heavenly Father, we are accepted by HIM. We are loved by Him. His beloved we are!  I am the apple of His eye, I am the one HE choose as His Royal Nation to do all good things, we are a good thing! I was created to give Him glory! He plant good things in me therefore only good will come forth out of me for His Kingdom purposes! Depression may knock but I  the chosen one of the Most High God will not open the door but set my mind and heart on my King who loves me and adores me enough to engraved me in HIS hands and no one can take me out.

Be Free, in Jesus’ Name


Our Words


Our Words

There are times we give air to words that do not need to breathe….

Our words should be season with love and kindness…

Our words should be filled with hope and encouragement….

If someone is speaking failure, defeat and doom, it’s because they have not come into the understanding that perfect love drives out feat and GOD is Love!

So when you are living in the shadows of the Most High GOD, your words should be speaking peace, love, joy, hope and positive thoughts.

Our words describe where we live.

So if our words are filled with negative thoughts we are living in darkness.

But if our word are filled with positive thoughts, we are living in the light..

That’s the light of GOD’s Glory!!!

@MarianLouise 2014

Even When You Seem So Far Away

Even When You Seem So Far Away

FATHER, You seem so far away!
But this time, I see myself floating on a cloud…
It’s as though I am calm and secure in the clouds that I am resting on.
My spirit is resting in Your truth,
My faith is anchored in Your promises,
You have sealed my confidence with Your Presence of love, grace and mercy.
You have offered me a path that never ends.
You have shown me Your faithfulness by proving all of my needs and then some more added.
Your ways of protecting, blessings and shelter are countless.
How can anyone keep up with YOU?
The moment I think of something great You have done,
Here come other thoughts behind the first.
Your righteous path is stable and sure.
Your commitment to love me is remarkable.
You loved and took care of me when my life was in darkness.
You did not change your way of caring for me as I move into Your light.
I am sure, 100% sure Your righteous ways is the way for me.
You never left me even though I have left You so many times in the past.
You guide my steps right back to You, I am so thankful of that!
Now when You seem to be so far away,
The clouds You provided for me to rest upon is secure and my cares are in Your hand.

©2014 Marian Louise

One More hour, One More Mile

One More hour, One More Mile,

This I was instructed, it will take a while.
Maybe I’ll find some work to do,
This waiting can be trouble if I let it do.

My heart is beating and I am still Alive!
Why this wait does gives me such a Revive!

Expectancy is what I need,
Because how can I sow without a seed.

All this mush about living and to die,
I rather live for my KING and shout I’m Alive, I’m Alive!

One More hour, One More Mile,
I think I’ll take this time to sit a while.

Rest in HIS goodness, rest in HIS Grace,
Rest in the Arms of the One who is never Amazed.

I’ll sit and sing praises to HIM for a while,
I’ll make HIS worship be true in this last mile.

What are praises when all is truly well?
Should not our trials make our hearts swell?

Swell with gratitude to the One who is worthy, faithful for justice is won,
To the ONE whose promises are never undone.

One More Mile, One More Hour,
I think I’ll rest on HIM who has All the Power…

©2014 Marian Louise
©2014 thp-publications/ The Healing Press 2014

Two Ways In One Man




Two Ways In One Man


There is a way that seems right unto a man but in the end it leads to death.

The heart of a man can hold good and evil,

What comes out of him can cause life or death.

A man can think he is good or his is bad,

His actions can lift him up or destroy him.

How much longer will a man find his own way,

How much further will he whither away?

There is a beast that lies inside of a man from birth,

But there is also a spirit that lie in deep a man that will lead him to truth.

Pulling into his own way leads a man to his own death,

Yet being lead by the Image he was created in leads him to life.

Being hopeless in love with self surely leads to death,

Obtaining love from the FATHER bring hope and life.

The man you see can be good or evil,

What inside of him can be too?

But what a man believes in is more important,

It can give life or it can give death.

A man of grey has not much to lean on,

But a man with life has a GOD he can rely on.


©2014 Marian Louise

©thp-publication/ the healing press 2014

Love Will Find Its Way


Love Will Find Its Way

Love sticks closer than a brother,
Love laid down its life so life be more abundantly.
Love will find away in dark allies, and abandon houses,
Love will find its way to a cold heart and harmful beating hand.
Love finds its way to a confused mother and a struggling father.
Love finds its way to a motherless child and heartless stranger.
Love will find its way to marriage that went sour and to couples who can’t seemed to make ends meet.
Love finds its way to a falling dreamer and to a dying vision.
Love finds its way to a failing job and to a hopeless life.
Love finds its way to a heart that will not forgive and to a mind that will not receive.
Love covers any error and upholds all good.
Love finds a way of turning a bad beginning into a glorious end.

   Marian Louise ©2014
©The Healing Press THP-publications

Raise Your Standard, Love Is the Answer

Cross 2 (2)

Love being displayed will drive out hate,

Love will drive out prejudice.

Love will drive out harm to others and bring peace,

Love will act in forgiveness.

Love will bring truth,

Love will calm all fears.

Love will act on grace,

Because love, is grace undeserved.

Love will siege all fear

And humble the heart.

Love will draw you to the Cross,

The Cross where love was public displayed.

Love will knock down deception,

Love will shine the light of what is real.

Love has no measures of width,

Nor does love have its limits to depths.

Love was in the beginning of life,

And love will take you into eternity.

Love proves what is good.

Love keeps no record of faults,

Love is a life worth living.

Love is the SON,

Love is the FATHER,

And GOD is LOVE!!!


©Marian Louise 2014 THP-Publications ©The Healing Press 2014