Marian Louise


Just Take Some Time and Think

Just Take Some Time and Think


Sometimes life may not go the way we desire, but we must all understand that GOD is and will always be in love with you!


A Window To My Heart


You are so amazing!
You know all there is to know about me.
You even place a window to my heart that I shut up so tightly that no one can see the real me.
You changed me so severally where my heart now jumps at the sound of Your name because of the joy I found living with You.
I never thought my life would be so sweet and loving until You shown me such love and allow me to experience Your peace!
Your ways have become what I live for.
Daily I listen for Your righteous thoughts.
At times, I can’t stop the tears from rolling down me face because Your is so great!
I often wondered why You place the window to my heart, then Your Spirit shown me the amazing colors from Sun rays beaming down into my window creating more life, love and freedom to live!
Without the window no Sun could come in, without Your light no one could see You were within my heart.
Daily, I thank you for the window You placed in my heart, its also away that You and I won’t ever part.
Placing this window to my heart gave others a chance to see the love of my FATHER that made me brand new.
What a love, a joy divine, this Love I will cherish throughout the end of time!

Marian Louise ©2014
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