Talk of Love

When I look over the life I lived and could have lived, doing evil for evil is not good thing for anyone. (Gal 6:7) I use to curse people and think nothing of it, I’m not that proud to say it now, but a point of LOVE is coming in this.  Sometimes I was wrong and sometimes I wasn’t. That’s not the life I live anymore, asking for some to forgive me is something I do regularly, especially when the Lord is prompting me to. I’m still learning that our tongue can be a sword to cut people to pieces or a tongue that delivers healing words.  I choose the tongue that delivers healing words.  Our actions can really but people in a despairing day or destroy someone’s day  because we do things to make ourselves look good and make others feel left alone, out in the cold. I choose to show the love the Father is showing me even to this day.  “Actions of love is hard to find”, some would say. But really it’s looking in the wrong places that you find the true acts of love.  The true action of love knows the true meaning of love (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). We have to ask the Holy Spirit to love through the way the Lord loves us because we as humans cannot do it on our own, we must have help. You don’t have to know everything about a person to show them they are loved.  Money may not be what love can give but it could help you find your way back home to the Heavenly Father who is love.  Is great when you give your life solely to the One Who has given you everything He had, His. However, how many humans can separate from thing that was everything we have and still love others?  It’s a deep/High price. This is a question so that we all can reexamine ourselves.  Doing evil for evil and action of bitter love is not of the Father. His love is unconditional, His grace and mercy is unbelievable. Let us not be the small fox that destroy the vine (Song of Solomon 2:15) the vine of LOVE.  So after your reexamination, the next time you see someone on the street on your job, in the doctors, hospital even in your home. Instead of the love you are used to showing, show the Heavenly Father’s love, you will feel better about yourself and about who you are serving. Not being funny but sometimes it does take a lightning bolt to know what love is, don’t let it be you. The Father loves us all the same yet created us uniquely, this was to let us know that He loves variety of people and not all the same.
Yours In Love with Christ Jesus
M. Louise Miles
Have a Great Week!!!


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